Jana King Evans from Branson, Mo wrote on July 5, 2023
I’m about to take a trip to Kansas City and just found out that Ida has passed away. I’m so saddened. My husband and I went to the Blue Room several years ago to hear some music and that’s when I discovered Ida’s beautiful talents. Little did I know….that she had actually just cut one of my songs I had written, titled “Jump Into My Fire”. It was such a wonderful evening getting to meet her and hear her sing! I will never forget it. I wish I had a copy of her singing my song. Fly High Miss Ida with your wonderful voice now in heaven.
Kevin from Omaha, NE wrote on March 12, 2023
My wife and I made every effort to see Ida when we traveled to KC. She also made appearances in Omaha. Our most memorable was a small club in KC, very few people so we sat in the front. She came out and sang “to” us. Unforgettable. Rest in peace legend.
Steve from Kansas City wrote on March 1, 2023
A KC treasure you will be missed.
Nancy from Raytown wrote on March 1, 2023
It always was so charismatic & generous with her wonderous voice. I so enjoyed listening to her. I could close my eyes & drift with the clouds & the wind. She moved me so. I will miss that soothing & sometimes boysterous energy. Rest well.
Simple from Kansas City wrote on March 1, 2023
So wonderful to be touched by that voice, the smile and your professionalism. A Kansas City legend will be missed. Thank you for sharing your gifts.
Bill Heitman from Kansas City wrote on November 23, 2022
I was turned on to your music when I bought a bunch of blues records from an estate sale. One of which was “Here It Is” that you had autographed to Milton Perry, what a fabulously relaxing record, I love it.
Brett from Fisher wrote on August 19, 2021
I miss seeing Ida and feeling her gorgeous music. I hope you are well and happy. You have improved my mood and quality of life since the 1980’s in Waldo. Currently the building is another bar and grill. Back then we could enjoy “steak night” and be mesmerized by Miss Ida.
Desdia Clarke from Jetmore wrote on June 3, 2021
In 1991 when I turned 21 I was asked what I wanted to do for my birthday. Ida was staring in a play at the American Heartland Theater. That is what I did for my 21st birthday. I had snuck into a few places before I was 21 to listen to Ida perform. I would really love to know what the name of that play was though. I’m 50 years old now and still tell people about the play and how if they ever get to Kansas City they need to go hear Ida. I’m from Kansas City, born and raised.
Jim from Kansas City wrote on April 16, 2021
Ida was a sweetheart. I was a young line cook at Mr. Putsches on the Plaza and would bring her popover sandwiches made with prime rib. After the kitchen closed I would sit in the bar storeroom and listen to her sing till closing. She is the best!
Danny Rowland from Arlington wrote on November 24, 2020
I first met Ida at Linwood Super where she was a frequent and honored shopper. Ida is a legend and a class act. I love her sound and her talent.
Tim from OP wrote on October 15, 2020
Are you and the Blue Room still providing unbelievable music on third Saturdays? If so, what time does your show start and end? Who would you most like to visit with today if it were possible? Julia Lee or Mary Lou Williams and why?
” “
Jim B from Raymore, MO wrote on August 25, 2016
Ms. Ida: I used to enjoy seeing you at The Point in the late 80’s and at Quincy’s in the Adams Mark in the late 80’s and early 90’s I think. I had a chance to speak with you at Quincy’s and really enjoyed your performances. I hope this note finds you well.
Wally from Racine Wisconsin wrote on July 26, 2016
A very dear friend is playing a CD that you personally signed for her eight years ago and it is a real gem as I hear it for the first time. Will be watching to see if you drift this far East cause I really would enjoy experiencing your music…..thank you.
Wally from Racine Wisconsin wrote on July 26, 2016
A very dear friend is playing a CD that you personally signed for her eight years ago and it is a real gem as I hear it for the first time. Will be watching to see if you drift this far East cause I really would enjoy experiencing your music…..thank you.
Joann from Lexington, KY wrote on March 10, 2015
“I wish you well”, always.\v \v @KSGirlinKY
Marilyn Sagehorn from Ottawa Kansas wrote on August 1, 2014
Dear Ida \v I called you several times, left you messages and phone # to return call. \v Love to hear from you. Marilyn K Sagehorn, I am using my daughters Lisa’s email address.
” “
Keen from NC wrote on February 25, 2014
Hello hello Hello…. I was just visiting as I told you I would! It was a joy meeting with you today for the brief time we did speak! I am happy to have helped! My Adobe is not working properly so i have to come back again to hear a few tunes… Wish you all the best and have a wonderful day… \v [i][color=#00ff00][b]-Keen-[/b][/color][/i]
” “
Leesa Gavin from Lee’s Summit wrote on August 13, 2013
I received your ring from a friend of yours. Her name is Kathleen Brown. I love your voice, you are fantastic! It fits perfect. Great taste. \v
” “
Philip Brooks from Philadelphia wrote on July 28, 2013
Dear Ms. McBeth, We used to see you regularly in Kansas City. Now we live in Philadelphia. \v Are you planning any performances on the east coast. \v We would love to see you here!!
” “
Lynda Huskey McClelland from Kansas City wrote on February 9, 2013
My girl, you look great. I sent you an email with a special request. I know that I have high expectations, but what is a girl to do when she is calling out all the stops? I love you today just like yesterday and back at Wyandotte High School. Blessings my friend
Jamie from Oceanside CA wrote on November 20, 2012
I was looking around I tunes for Paul Williams songs done by other artists and came across your version of “You and Me Against the World.” Listened to the preview. Immediately bought the song. Sat back and listened to the song. Wow. Wow. Wow. So moving. It was a postively transforming experience. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of you before. What artistry. Just sublime. Thank you so much. It was simply\v lovely.
Ted Decker from Perry, Ks wrote on April 14, 2012
Hi Ida, Sweet Inspiration. \v I was the guy that gave you the wine on your birthday at the Blue Room and the Aretha Franklin card. \v I have all your your CD’s, wish you had a new one.
Glover W. Brown from Jefferson City, MO 65109 wrote on November 7, 2011
Thank you for using what God gave\v you; a\v unique voice, with the rare ability to be a legenday song stylist such as the likes of Gladys Knight, Nancy Wilson, Sarah Vaughn, and Ms. Lena Horne.\v Words could not truly describe the sensation of hearing you perform, but if I may try, let me use words\v like Magnificent, captivating, spell binding, and I could go on and on. . Thank you again for allowing us the opportunity to experience\v the Greatness known as Ms Ida McBeth.
Charlene from Topeka Ks wrote on September 1, 2011
Hey Miss Lady, Its Charlene way back from the Jazz Cafe in Topeka. I just have to tell you how beautiful you are looking these days. Im all grown now and hoping to come see you on the 18th of September. Take care
michael coates from arkansas wrote on January 25, 2011
hello ida! this is michael coates from the starker’s days, the point, plaza3, artris and bruce and danny…! whats going on? looks like you are still taking the city by storm! bless you and yours! so many memories! so many good times! havent been home in years but will make sure i reach you when i get a chance to return! may GOD continue to bless you!
jim from Blanton wrote on December 29, 2010
Ida: \v I have enjoyed your music for years and still do here from Seattle. \v my reason for sending this message is to ask if you are familiar with a marvelous street musician I met a year or so at the Farmer’s Mkt. \v He plays the flute and belted out a rendition of Hubert Law’s “Land of Passion” and his is name is Marvin Hollingshead (sp). \v I was very taken with his abilities with the flute. \v He should be performing with some of the jazz groups around the KC area.
Jon Shafer from Kansas City, KS wrote on December 19, 2010
Ida,\v We heard you sing last nigth at Jardine’s—my wife, sister and her boyfriend have heard you before–but this was my first.\v Needless to say it won’t be my last!\v You were awesome!!\v Hope to see you sing again very soon! Jon Shafer
” “
Richard & Randy from Leavenworth, Ks. wrote on November 18, 2010
Ida we miss you, miss you, miss you!!!!!! \v We will talk to you later today. LOVE YOU, R&R
Johnnie A Augustine from Topeka wrote on November 1, 2010
Ida I just wanted to know that Joan Jones of the Matinee passed away Oct.27th.\v She was a true fan.
Janet Stivanson from Pittsburgh, PA wrote on September 13, 2010
What a pleasure to hear you\v at Jardine’s, September 4. You and your group were spectacular – a great show!
Shayne Reber from Charlotte, NC wrote on September 12, 2010
Ida, I miss you and think of good times with you and Artris often.\v I will be back to KC soon and hope to see you.\v All my love, Shayne Reber.
Nancy Richardson from Kansas City KS, wrote on June 30, 2010
could someone tell me if Ida went to Bryant Ele. school, and went to church school every Wed. Afternoon. Thank You Nancy from Bryant ele. school back in the day
Gloria from Independence wrote on June 6, 2010
Ida, you are beautiful.\v \v Gloria here your birthday is the same as mine.\v I am the person who dances with your son when I get to see you and you bring him along.\v I just love both you.\v Ida you have been sooo blessed.\v Love ‘ya.\v :music:
Hazael Evans from Kansas Citu wrote on June 4, 2010
Ida my dear, \v Hazael Evans here. I got your card but no email address. Email me so I can look up properties. \v Oh, by the way YOU ARE THE BEST
” “
Ola Truelove from Kansas City wrote on April 30, 2010
Ida, this site is absolutely beautiful… you look amazing.. Go Girl!:love: \v \v
” “
Toni from Chicago wrote on April 22, 2010
My dear Ida, will be KC and thought I would try to find out where you would be singing about my “”Shrimp Man”” ….. smile I will be on travel status but could not imagine not seeing you while there.\v Paul and Hazel would most likely come with me, they know I will be in KC.\v I\v love you and your music. I play my CDs all the time and people are mesmerized , it never fails “” who is that”” that’s my friend Ida…. she is bad. Blessings \v
Keith D from NY,NY wrote on January 11, 2010
Dear Ms McBeth, I’ve been a hug fan for many many years…You are more beautiful that ever..I understand that you’re single now. Is there a possible chance that I could take you out to dinner when I get to KCMO I’m an actor..And I’ve been in about12 films and movies… Platoon Twilight Zone,Baby Boy,The Soloist just to name a few, Look forward to hearing back from you…Much Love Keith D.
Jim Kingsby from Shawnee KS wrote on December 2, 2009
Ms. Ida at the Blue Room we spoke about the songs that I wrote to match your style. I can bring them to the Blue Room or if you have a suggestion. I am the guy that lost his wife a couple years ago and you were very kind each time I came back to KC. Song #1 / Puppets Clowns and Bling A playful melody that is in the style of Nancy Wilson. Song #2 / You Want to Make Love to me Baby Has a feel like Lou Rawls ( sleep in a hollow log ) PH-816-564-3527
” “
Pam from Kansas City, Kansas wrote on September 24, 2009
Dear Ida, Not sure you will remember me but I use to cash checks for you all the time at 6 & Minnesota. I will never forget the day by boss turned down cashing your check, can’t remember the reason, and you told us to remember your name some day you was going to be famous and sure enough you are. I will never forget how you said that like you KNEW it would happen. I enjoy your music hope to come see you live someday. Pam from UMB bank formerly Commercial National Bank……
” “
Mary Bowman from New Haven, Missouri wrote on August 27, 2009
Please enter your comments? Hi Ida, From 1979 through 1985 I lived in K.C. and was fortunate to see and hear your great musical talent. I worked at City Light off Wornall as a waitress and loved to come hear you play on the Plaza or whereever you performed. Your husband at the time played at Strouds? Actually, you and I had many musical conversations and were friends. I had short red hair and had vocal aspirations of my own but had social anxieties about public performances. Geez, I am not so afraid of much anymore but maybe too late to test the waters. Well, my hubbie and I are coming to K.C. Sept. 27 which is our anniversary and I don’t see you playing anywhere. Sounds like we are going to miss you. If we do I would like to know your price list and maybe I can get you to come out here in the boonies to play. [:-). My phone is 573-237-4910. Cheers, Mary Noel Bowman
” “
Kandie from Kansas City wrote on June 28, 2009
My husband Hoss Towed your car last night and you signed and gave him a CD for me I wanted to Thank You .I have been a fan of yours for a long time now.My husband like most men have a selective memory When we renew our vows in 3 years we selected one of your songs as our dance together,You and me against the world.That became our moto after I got sick .Again Thank You I will Charish it always. KandieKane
” “
Joyce from Kansas City MO wrote on February 25, 2009
Ms. Ida, I have been a fan for a long time. I truly enjoy your music. Keep on giving us the best.
Virginia's Son from Kansas City, Mo. wrote on January 23, 2009
Hello Ida, I am a son of Virginia Kaeding, your Mother Elvira and my Mother were good friends from the dialysis unit. Mom passed away the weekend before Christmas. She was a great admirer of your Mother and your music. I am happy to report, you have another fan in Heaven. God bless.
PAT HENDERSON from LOUISIANA wrote on October 30, 2008
Marlou Grady-Reijnders from wrote on October 22, 2008
I love her .She is the best….. !!!!!!! her c.d. is wonderful!!!! I hope I will get het to Europa. North Sea Jazz
Kendra Chantelle Campbell from Loudon, TN wrote on August 22, 2008
My parents are Nat (Sweet P) and Mavis Campbell…I grew up listening to tapes of you!
Rocky from wrote on June 11, 2008
What a wonderful performace on mothers day by the penguin statue on the plaza! was having a “dirty” on the balcony of Brio when I saw your inpromptu performace.
Brett Fisher from St. Joseph, MO…no La Paz, Mexico wrote on March 22, 2008
OK…one of the things I miss most about KC is my Ida! Since 1985 I would come to hear her and say goodnight to her. I have worn out the CD’s and am too far away to find them in a record store. Wish I had preserved them. Anyway…Ida…Love you…Miss You…see you soon, Brett
D from Sioux Falls SD wrote on February 26, 2008
Look forward to seeing you after Michele Buble the 7th of March for someone to “Bring it Home…”
Charla Sheffield from Minneapolis wrote on February 24, 2008
Ida– Mom just got a photo from you in the Star and wants the world to know you look FABULOUS! We are so proud of you! LOVE, Ruby & Charla
thePhantom from Kansas City, MO wrote on January 26, 2008
Ida, thank you for your extraordinary talents. Passion is infectious…
A, Mondaine from wrote on January 2, 2008
Happy New Year bless you and your love and pace.
Jeff Walters from Lawrence, KS wrote on October 7, 2007
Keep up the outstanding music you put out – we love it all!
A. McBeth from New Jersey wrote on October 3, 2007
Anyone you know named Harry McBeth?
Alfred from wrote on September 8, 2007
Ida, you are just fantastic! However, your cd prices are just too much. I would love to buy them all.. but.. too much.. Sorry.. {:-|} but you’re still awesome.
Rick "The Juke" Eidson from Independence MO wrote on April 18, 2007
We are all pulling for you in hopes that you recover soon. From all at the KChost Radio Network your voice is a treasure.
doug from independence MO wrote on April 17, 2007
Thoughts and Prayers Miss Ida…looking forward to seeing you soon…
Carly from Lawrence, KS wrote on April 17, 2007
Ida, you are an amazing vocalist and so very talented. I’m thinking about you.
Stacy from KC wrote on April 17, 2007
Ida, Know that our prayers and love are with you. Call if/when you can. Stacy (S’s sis)
Lisa from wrote on April 17, 2007
You are a strong, beautiful and powerful woman. My prayers are with you.
Valerie from Olathe, Kansas wrote on April 17, 2007
Hello Ida, I was sadden when I saw on the news last night about your situation. I was in tears because you are my idol and I look up to you. You are a strong powerful woman and I adore you very much. I pray that you get through all of this and return very soon. You truly are an inspiration. Much Love,
Brett from Kansas City wrote on April 16, 2007
Miss Ida… Just saw the news that you were hurt by some crazy guy. My prayers are with you and I send you Blessings. Get well soon. BigLuv, Brett
Steve & Angela Tracy from Warrensburg, Missouri wrote on April 9, 2007
Hello. Just want to say you were FANTASTIC last Sat. night (7th). My wife and I were there and I met up with a classmate of mine from Munich American HS Class of 1980. Must say that it was the first time I had heard you sing, and you were great! Thank You again, Steve Tracy
Linda Strawder from West Monroe, Louisiana wrote on March 20, 2007
Ida is my beautiful sister. A very special sister. She has always been here for us and even when I battled cancer she has always been postive and I have gain strenght from her and our older sister.
Annyvette Mondaine from Kansas city wrote on February 18, 2007
I enjoy your performances eaveytime you sing. thank you for your entertainment in kansas city and thanks for singing at the black history month program for SMNW high school! the kids and staff really enjoyed it!Thank Ms.Mondaine.
t,l,williams from kansas city mo wrote on December 8, 2006
i seen you on tv a few days ago an it reminded me …of a place call the spot where all the local singerz & musicianz use to play those was good timez …..i understand you’ll be @ the blue room dec.8 2006 —-i’ll be there….
MGS from originally Independence, MO, currently Tokyo, Japan wrote on December 6, 2006
Ida, you make me proud to be from KC. I only make it home once a year, but my annual trip to Jardine’s is always one of the highlights. Thank you, happy holidays, and please continue your great work.
Doug A from Independence MO wrote on December 3, 2006
Congrats on the new CD Miss Ida…absolutely AWESOME!!!!
Elbert Robinson from Jacksonville, Florida wrote on March 29, 2006
Looking foward to your next recording to be release
nancy noble from Kansas City, Mo wrote on November 24, 2005
I think you are wonderful and although I have only seen you in person one time, I am hooked. I have the album, I think it is your latest. I want to see you again, so I will be checking your schedule.
” “
Rachel Duncan from Des Moines wrote on October 13, 2005
10/13/05 Ida, four of us are coming down to hear you this Saturday at Jardine’s. Can’t wait. Rachel
” “
Stacy Rush Cason from KCKs born, Atlanta 11yrs, now Florida 4yrs wrote on August 3, 2005
Hi Ida Mcbeth, My name is Stacy, Naida’s neice.I use to come hear you sing , before I knew you were Cleveland’s sister. I am a vocalist also, but just really getting started with Jazz (my passion). Sang Gospel for 20 yrs in small spots, here & there. Thought about you recently, and looked you up on the net. I’m so proud of you.God Bless You, and keep spread’n the JOY!